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Business Entity Setup

We Help you Secure & Protect your Dream Business

Choosing the right business entity is the foundation of any successful creative venture. That decision affects everything from the ownership structure, the decision making, hirings, and financing to the tax implications of the business. We’ll help you choose the right business structure for you, create and implement the best approach to formation, and advise you every step of the way.

As your creative business grows, let Koh & Company help you choose the right type of business entity. We offer services in business formation, entity selection, business operation, and business maintenance.

Types of Entities


Businesses with only one (1) owner or sole-proprietors can register the name of their business in the county they will be conducting business. This name selection is published in a local newspaper and once approved; filled in the hall of records in your county.


Sole owner, Partners or multiple business owners benefit from the protection of a limited liability company. A sole business owner, also known as; single-member LLC, benefits from the protection and simplicity of taxes with a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This business entity structure creates a separation from personal and business matters. This is your recommended option; if you are a business owner with assets and personal property (real estate, saving accounts, other items of value). As a single member LLC, you enjoy “pass-through taxation” with the IRS. LLCs are also available for partnerships or multiple owners.


Businesses with high revenue or in high-risk industries are recommended to choose this option as a business entity structure. This option benefits the business by creating clear separation of individual’s personal property versus the corporation’s assets. There are two types of corporate tax elections: C-Corp or S-Corp. S-Corp creates a pass-through entity. Businesses with an S-Corp avoid double taxation on the corporate income. C-Corps are double taxed; on a corporate level and the business owner’s profits on their individual tax return.

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